Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Common Storm Problems

This home was open to disaster when a massive storm created a significant roof damage. Naturally, water seeped into the home which caused ceiling damage. In turn the flooring was wet, but we were able to remove the water. 

Storm Damage

Storms bring a lot of disaster to the homes in its path. This home had severe roof damage which caused the ceiling to collapse. We came in to remove the ceiling debris. 

Lightening Strikes

When a recent thunderstorm brought lightening, there was a small barn that was struck by lightening. Fire sparked and burned down the whole structure before a firetruck could extinguish the fire. 


SERVPRO of Houston County had to remove drywall and insulation in this breakfast nook due to damage left by a storm. We were able to remove the damage areas and dry the remaining materials.

Storm caused damage in a garage

Roof damage is very common during a storm. When this garage was damaged, it created pressure on the ceiling. It resulted in a collapsing ceiling. We came to repair the damage.  

Storm rolls through Houston

A storm created the perfect conditions for microbial growth. SERVPRO of Houston County placed a containment barrier to protect the remainder of the house that had not been affected by the mold.