Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Cleaning

When cleaning after microbial growth, it can be a tedious day. We want to make sure the walls, ceilings, floors, and content are not in any danger for additional mold growth. 

Humidity in the air

When the humidity level in the air is higher than normal, it can create the perfect conditions for microbial growth. We love our SERVPRO equipment that helps lower the humidity level in a home! 

Prevention of Mold

Because of a recent storm, we were called to a massive water leak. We removed the chairs to clean them outside while other technicians were inside cleaning the floors. Once the flooring was cleaned, we took the chairs back inside for an additional cleaning. We placed dehumidifiers to reduce the possibility of microbial growth to occur. 

Mold grows everywhere

Microbial growth was occurring under the carpet and carpet padding. A water loss had gotten the carpet wet, but the homeowner believed it had dried properly. It was not until the homeowner begin to smell something that there was a further inspection that there was a realization of the mold growth. 


Microbial growth can happen anywhere in the home when the conditions are right. This picture shows mold growing on the wood in a window. We came in and removed the damaged area. 

Mold in a home

Here you can see a slight microbial growth that is occurring in the closet in a home. SERVPRO of Houston County came to clean the area and remove any damage.