Commercial Photo Gallery

Ceiling Damage

This commercial property had a common water problem- standing water on their roof which caused a leak. The leak began to saturate the ceiling in the restroom. SERVPRO of Houston County removed the damaged area. 

Commercial Job

SERVPRO of Houston County responded to a small water leak in this commercial property. We were able to remove the access water and clean the flooring to make it look "like it never happened." 

SERVPRO on the Job!

Our SERVPRO vehicles assist us and gives us the tools needed to complete our job in a timely manner. Here is a picture of one of our vehicles! We are available 24/7! 

Water in a store

SERVPRO of Houston County responded to a pipe that burst in this store. We were able to extract the water and clean any contents that were affected by the water. 

Commercial Work

This commercial property had a few items stored outside which got saturate with water from a rain storm. SERVPRO of Houston County went to the property to clean the items that were damaged. 

SERVPRO to the Rescue

SERVPRO of Houston County responded to a call from a local restaurant. We were quick on the job to begin working so Barberitos was back to running smoothly fast! There was minimal damage. We love helping our community!