Fire Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO on the Job

When it comes to cleaning debris after a job, our technicians know the best possible way to do that cleaning. Here you can see our technician cleaning after a fire job. 

Fire Job

This fire did an extensive amount of damage in the kitchen. Here you can see the refrigerator that was damaged. The freezer is almost completely gone. Needless to say, this item was beyond repairable, even for SERVPRO. 


SERVPRO of Houston County was called to clean the contents from a home fire in Perry. The fire started from the laundry room which is located next to the closet in the picture. 

Aftermath of a fire

A fire ignited from the fireplace in the living room across the home. Because the fire took over the living room, smoke and soot was found throughout the home. This was the bathroom on the other side of the home. 


An electrical fire started in this home. The homeowners quickly called 911 once they left the home. Firetrucks responded to the call immediately so some items were salvageable due to the fire being extinguished before it could take over the whole home. 


This is a picture of the ceiling after a house fire. The ceiling is covered with soot that remained after the fire was extinguished. We came in with chem sponges to clean the area.