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Planning for Storms With the Kids | SERVPRO of Houston County

5/15/2024 (Permalink)

family watching lightning storm from inside home with candles due to power outage When the storm has passed, call SERVPRO of Houston County to help you recover.

The sky has started getting dark, your dog is hiding behind the couch and the kids are anxiously asking a million questions about storms rolling into town. In the chaos that severe weather can sometimes bring, it can be hard to know how to keep your home and your family safe.

While our Georgia home typically has mild temperatures, we can see some pretty intense thunderstorms, tornadoes and even the remains of coastal storms. We may not have a whole lot of control over the weather in our area, but we can control how we respond to it.

When you have a plan, you can maintain your own calm while helping your family keep their cool as well.

Knowing What to Look For

You and your kiddos may know that dark clouds mean a storm is on the horizon, but it is important to make sure you all know how to respond when you see those dark clouds. Take a day outside with the family to talk about clouds. Make sure your children understand that clouds may be fast moving, slightly green in color or even rotating. They need to know that if they see these early warning signs of a storm it is time to find shelter quickly.

Along with getting to know what storms can look like, they also need to know what they can sound like. This means understanding they should never ignore thunder. Lightning can strike before or after a storm, so it’s important to move to a safe place right away and stay there until it has been at least 30 minutes without hearing thunder.

Your family also needs to know what warning sirens and other weather alerts sound like. If you can hear tornado sirens from your house, make sure your kids listen in the next time they are tested. Let them hear what your weather radio sounds like as well when an alert is issued. The more aware of storm safety your whole family is, the faster you can get to safety.

Preparing for the Event

Once you have ensured everyone better understands the sights and sounds of potential strong storms, create an emergency plan with your family. This should include a safe place to go when a warning is issued and talking through what supplies are important to have.

A room without windows on the lowest level of your home is ideal for riding out severe weather. Walk your kids to the space you plan to use, and let them put some blankets, coloring books or other comfort items there to make it more comfortable. If it is a space you can spend time in, playing there can be another way to make everyone feel more calm when you need it for shelter.

Spend time putting together an emergency kit when you create your plans. This should include flashlights, batteries and first-aid supplies, but let the kids choose some fun items to toss in. Shelf-stable snacks are a great addition, along with card games or other activities that don’t require any power.

Getting your kids their own flashlight to use can be another way to help them feel safe and important. This can be a grab-and-go item—something they keep near their beds and can use to safely navigate a dark house. When storm watches are issued, make sure these flashlights are ready, along with plenty of water, prescription medications and a pair of shoes for each family member.

Keeping Calm

Weather anxiety is a common concern, which means nerves are completely normal when the weather is getting rough, especially for children. It’s important for all of us to understand that extreme damage during a weather event is not terribly common. Most homes will only see damage to their roof, siding and yard.

Let your kids know they are safe, and do your best to keep them distracted in order to get through the event as calmly as possible. With a plan, you can make fast decisions and protect your loved ones. Talk with your family soon and handle every storm that comes our way with complete confidence.

Storm damage should always be addressed quickly. Contact SERVPRO® day or night for the restoration services you need.

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